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Drawing Room, Bedwell Park House, Essenden, post card by Dunkley

One of the paintings in this picture is by Murillo

See Bedwell Park, Essendon

Over 10,000 Pages and Pictures about Old Hertfordshire and the  People who lived there.

Information & advice on Local and Family History from 1600 to the end of the First World War.

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This site was created in 2001 and old age factors (both human and technical) mean that it can no longer support an active help service and parts of the site have become out-of-date.

As the site contains much useful historical information arrangements are being made to archive it to ensure the more valuable sections are not lost.

As long as practical updates will continue where this adds to the value of the archive. This will include the completion of outstanding projects, adding material prepared for the site but not yet entered, and providing higher resolution images of many of the post cards.

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