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William Cox


Ancestral Tree


Father:     Thomas Cox (1734-1787)

Mother:     Rose Priest (1732-1782)

Married:    1778, at Hatfield

Wife:    Ann Tharp (1755-1835)

Son:    James Cox (1779-1817) married Martha Bassill in 1800

Daughter:    Sarah Cox (1780-1780) 

Daughter:    Ann Cox (1781/2-) married John Lewis in 1817

Son:    William Cox (1784-1853) married Elizabeth Weathered n 1803

Daughter:    Rose Cox (1786-1795) 

Son:    Jonathan Cox (1788-1832) married Sarah Weast in 1818 - See Jonathan COX (1821-1881), Hill End Farm, Sandridge

Son:    Henry Cox (1790-1851) 

Daughter:    Elizabeth Cox (1792-1855) married John Beaumont in 1817

Son:    Thomas Cox (1794-1874) married Mary Ann Beasney in 1825

Daughter:    Mary Cox (1797-1830) married William Bates in 1825

Died:    26th May, 1802 at Stanborough Farm, Hatfield

Buried:    31st May, 1802, at Sandridge, in a vault under an alter tomb (white marble) which contains many other members of his family.

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