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Old Herts


Please Note: Due to old age (both personal and the computer) it is no longer possible to take on new research queries but questions directly relating to material on the site (including updates and corrections - especially to links) can still be handled.

When someone type in a question using "Ask Chris" I check whether it conforms with the guidelines and whether sufficient information is provided to allow me to give help and guidance. If it does I draft an answer and add it to the "Answer Index". I also email the questioner so they can view it and hopefully make a donation to Mind or an equivalent charity. The answer is then announced in the next newsletter. 


Chris Reynolds

Unfortunately my time is limited, and I cannot possibly answer every question that people might want to ask as a typical answer may take several hours to research and draft the answer. However, if you follow the guideline for "Ask Chris" there is a good chance that I may be able to advise you on how you can get round your current Hertfordshire "brick wall". 

Note that the Answer Index contain some references to other pages on this web site but does not contain references to names mentioned in the many different lists or in passing in answers. For these names search using the find it facility.

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NOTICE: Mothballed Answers: All answers were made using resources given at the date given, which in some cases may be before the censuses became available online. Answers given more than 2 years ago should be considered to be "mothballed" in that they do not refer to the latest sources. Users interested in these pages should check the more recent sources for themselves before answering any supplementary questions. However additional information, based on your own research is always welcome.

Page updated November 2015