KINGHAM, Tring, early 19th century





From the Old Forum Archives:

In reply to a posting in 1998 from a Graham Thomas I posted the following reply which covers Tring and some nearby villages:

Knowing that KINGHAM was a local name I have looked the name up in the 1851 census and found the following entries:

At High Street, Tring
Mary KINGHAM, 58, widow, Proprietor of houses amd fundholder from Tring, with her niece, Susan FOSTER and servant Sarah PANGBORN. At another house Ann KINGHAM, 26, was a house servant to Harriet FRITH.

At Brookend, Tring
Joseph KINGHAM, 55, agricultural labourer from Wilstone; his wife Sarah, 53, straw plaiter from Drayton Beauchamp, Bucks, with two unmarried daughters, two grandsons, and a lodger, Thomas BRADDING, 26, bricklayers labourer.

At Lower Dunsley, Tring
John KINGHAM, 25, agricultural labourer, his wife Rebecca, 22, and son James, 2, all from Tring.

At Wilstone
Matthew KINGHAM, 66, widower, a pauper agricultural labourer from Tring, lodging with Joyce EDWARDS.

At Little Gaddesden
Henry KINGHAM, 42, unmarried Chelsea Pensioner, from Sleepshyde.
Rose KINGHAM, 69, straw plaiter from Dagnall, Bucks, mother of Mark WATERTON

At Nettleden
James KINGHAM, 46, agricultural labourer from Little Gaddesden and his wife Charlotte, 57 from Ivinghoe, Bucks and unmarried stepdaughters Charlotte (23) and Amelia SIMMONDS (30) and granddaughter Ann SIMMONDS (1). The women were all plaiters.

At the Union Workhouse, Berkhamsted
William KINGHAM, 74, pauper stone sawyer from Eddlesborough, Bucks.

In July 2000, in reply to a posting on the AMSDEN family of Tring, Christine Amsden of Stonewall, Manitoba, Canada said:

The son Harry E. Amsden, whom you show in your census entry, has apparently infamous connections (information received by a very kind Tring historian). He left his wife Emma & daughter Gwennie because of their relations with a boarder at their hotel. Gwennie (at age 14) became pregnant to this fellow - Kingham- married him and a couple of years later was murdered by her husband. The wrath of the people of Tring was aimed at Emma rather than George Kingham.