READING, St Albans, 19th century

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St Albans

PLEASE NOTE: When this question was asked the amount of information available online was very restricted and the only census available (on a CD) was the 1881 census. The answer given below should be carefully checked using the additional information now readily available online.

In May 2000, Maureen (maureen @t of Southampton asked if someone could help her with any information regarding the READING family from St Albans, She believed there were three sisters Edith, Lilla and a third that married her g g grandfather JOHN POULTER about 1880.

The only READING associated with St Albans on the 1881 census Greater London East CD is the widow Emma REDDING (58, born St Albans) who was living with her son in law [step son?] William REDDING at Bottom Farm, Ellesborough, Bucks.

There were 14 READING/REDDING heads of households born in Herts - all in the west of the county, and 6 came from Redbourn.

Lily REDDING, aged 11, and Edith REDDING, aged 9, were paupers in the Union Workhouse at Watford. Unfortunately no place of birth was given, and there is no sign of any parents in the Workhouse. If FANNY REDDING, who was a "lunatic" in the Metropolitan District Asylum at Leavesden, near Watford was 62 (the age given in the census - but you should check the microfilm) she was a bit old to be the mother.

If their parents (or possibly grandparents) were alive one would normally expect the girls to be living with the parents and not be in the Workhouse - so they were probably orphaned - and the absence of a place of birth may well mean that the workhouse did not know where they were born, or for that matter have any idea how their surname was spelt.