BURCHMORE, Flamstead, 18th century

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PLEASE NOTE: When this question was asked the amount of information available online was very restricted and the only census available (on a CD) was the 1881 census. The answer given below should be carefully checked using the additional information now readily available online.

Abigail BURCHMORE, who married RALPH Thrale at Wheathampstead in 1796

Dennis Walker (dennis @t walk-4d.demon.co.uk) asked: I am seeking information on family and life of Abigail BURCHMORE who married Ralph THRALE in Wheathampstead, Herts, in 1796. Their children were Thomas THRALE (1801), Sarah THRALE (1805), Mary THRALE (1809), and possibly others. The couple were my gggg grandparents. The lineage is:

Thomas THRALE + Sarah THORPE
Norman THRALE + Caroline WELCH
Mildred THRALE + Norman WALKER

Most of my information on the THRALE family came from a copy of "Historic Sandridge" by Edward Giles & Richard Thrale, 1969 edition, plus some input from my mother Mildred (nee) THRALE.

Thomas BURCHMORE and Sarah ANDREW, Abigail's parents.

I replied:

Thomas Burchmore was born in 1729 or 1730, and may have been the son of the Thomas Burchmore who was buried in Flamstead, Herts, churchyard in 1787, aged 80. On 2nd July 1758 he married Sarah ANDREW at Great Gaddesden, Herts. He died in 1806. They had the following children who survived to adulthood, all baptised at Flamstead:

1760: Thomas Burchmore: married Elizabeth ?? who died in 1797, and then Sarah ??. 7 children

1762: George Burchmore: married Susannah READING: 2 children. Lived at Roe End Farm, Flamstead

1765: William Burchmore: married Hannah DOLLING: 12 children. Lived at Flamstead Bury

1767: Sarah Burchmore: married Ralph THRALE at St Sepulchre, London, in 1799. Children Harriet (1801-79, married James MARDALL); Ralph Norman (1803-76); William (1805-83)

1770: Abigail Burchmore: married Ralph THRALE  in 1796. Children Ralph (1798-9); Thomas (1801-40); Elizabeth (1802-6); Sarah (1805-84, married John WILSHER); Mary (1809-82, married John SIBLEY)

A family tree drawn up some years ago, which I have not checked, shows that Sarah ANDREW was the daughter of George Andrew (1698-1767) of Great Gaddesden, and Abigail SLOW, the couple marrying at Kensworth, (then Herts, later Beds), in 1730. It showed George as the son of John Andrew, who married Sarah PEACOCK in 1690 at Edlesborough, Bucks

For more information on the Thrale marriages see Right Name, Wrong Body