Boyd's Marriage Index - Missing St Albans Records??

January 2003

Patricia Ward of Potters Bar, Herts.writes: I have found two probable marriages of direct ancestors on the Boyds marriage index, in St Albans, in 1683 and 1688. However, on searching for the marriages in the parish registers, they are not in any of the four St Albans parishes and HALS have no record of the marriage licences.

The details are:

Boyds marriage index - 1683 Wm COLLINS & Cath BURDON, St Albans. My 7X great grandfather Will Collins married Sarah Bunnion 1686 in Cheddington Bucks. In attempting to trace the origin of Will, I  found a burial in Cheddington, 1685, Katherine wife of Will Collons and think this might be a previous marriage.  The only marriage I have found is the above in Boyds.  If I can find this marriage, it might help lead to Will's baptism.

Boyds marriage index - 1688 Jn CHILTERN & Sar YOUNG, St Albans. My 8X great grandmother Sarah CHILTORN was baptised 1693 in St Peter St Albans, father John. Other children of the marriage were baptised 1689-97, so I began a search for his marriage and found the Boyds entry above.  This marriage is also on the IGI at Redbourn, but not found in the Parish Register.

Neither marriage is in St Albans Parish Registers/Allen marriage index/marriage licences at HALS. Can I use a Boyds marriage index entry as proof of a marriage?  Or have you any other ideas on where I should look?

To be answered - but in the meantime see Sources and Reliability

If you can add to the information given above tell me.