ATTRYDE, Tring, 1947

May, 2003

Bekki Dillon (bekki.dillon @t of Chatham, Kent, writes: Hi  I found with great interest the name of Kate Attryde on your site for 'Parish Church Burials 1947 - Tring'. I am researching all Attryde and Attride, being my mothers maiden name and as it is very unusual, find hardly any entries anywhere. I wondered if this Kate had a headstone in Tring and if anyone local could tell me what it says (as I don't know how she fits into my research, I don't know if she was a spinster or married an Attryde).

My information shows that Kate Attryde was 74 when she was buried, and as the information comes from the parish magazine for St Peter and St Paul, Tring, in April 1947, it is likely that she was buried in what was then the Church of England section of Tring Cemetery. As the cemetery is only about 10 minutes walk from my house my dog Franci got an extra walk as soon as I got your message. The visit was unsuccessful. In the area where most of the 1947 burials were, about half the plots had no memorials - and some of the rest were difficult to read. So there may not be a stone, I may have missed it, or she may have been buried with a relative who had died much earlier and was buried in a different part of the cemetery. If you contact the Dacorum Borough Council they may be able to supply you with a map showing the location of the plot.

Having carried out similar research into an equally rare surname (Phipson) I quickly checked some records to find that there were no Attride/Attryde in the Tring area in the 1851, 1881 and 1901 census (and in fact for 1881 and 1901 none were reported in Hertfordshire). None were listed for Tring in the 1912, 1926 and 1936 Kelly's directories - which may only indicate that the family was not high enough up the social scale to be included.

Kate Attryde (etc) is not listed in the 1881 census (when she would have been 8) or the 1901 census (when she would have been 28) - and presumably you have not found any birth registration entries in the birth certificate index. This suggests to me that she was most likely a Mrs Kate Attryde, and it might be worth looking for children ...

I do not post the names of living people (apart from those who ask me questions) on the internet - but will say that you could find it useful to look in the May 2000 telephone directory for Hemel Hempstead (the most recent published). It will help you to know that Wigginton is a small village adjacent to Tring.

There is a web page for Tring

If you can add to the information given above tell me.