TRINDER, Croxley Green, 20th century

May, 2003

Mike Trinder (mike @t of Carterton, Oxfordshire, writes: I have been researching my family history, with I might add, some success. I have been lucky enough to be able to find the names of all 12 of my grandparents brothers and sisters. I have also been able to trace the descendants of 10, but alas 2 escape me. One of the 2 goes by the name of John Amariah Trinder. He was born in the village of Shilton, Oxfordshire in 1892 and at some point in his life it is believed he moved to Croxley Green. This information has come from one of my father's cousins but she cannot confirm that it is entirely true. Is there anyone who may be able to help me with finding out if he did actually move to Croxley Green and if there are still any descendants of his living there?

There is no one called Trinder listed under Croxley Green in the 1937 Kelly's Directory for Hertfordshire, which may not be of any great significance, and I have no obvious reference material for this period. 

My approach would be as follows:

(1) I would go to First House, High Holborn, and see if he had left a will. Checking the will indexes year by year is much faster than checking the death registers, and as John Amariah Trinder has a very distinctive name there should be no difficulty in identifying his will if he left one. If there is a will it is almost certain to include some very useful information on any members of his family who were alive at the time. Snag - he may not have left a will ... (However you could use the visit to check up on other relatives.)

(2) I would go to the Watford Central Library. They have a large collection of local material - and may well have street directories of Watford which include Croxley Green - and if he was a head of household (rather than being in bed and breakfast accommodation, etc.) he could be listed if they have material for suitable years.

(3) If I have any information beyond name, possible place, possible date, it might be worth contacting the Watford Observer.

Hope this helps.

December, 2003

Mike Trinder (mike @t reports: .I have managed to find GRO numbers for marriage and death certificates for John Amariah Trinder. I will order after Xmas. He married Ethel Annie Roome in 1920, and died in AMJ quarter 1977, in the district Watford. So far I have found 1 child - John G Trinder, born Watford  JAS Quarter 1926, so he could still be alive. I will keep you posted of my findings and once again thank you for your help..

There is a web page for Croxley Green

If you can add to the information given above tell me.