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MEAD / KINGHAM, Wigginton / Tring, early 20th century

August, 2003





Tim Kingham (tim.kingham @t has drawn my attention to the web site countrycouple which is well worth a visit by anyone with an interest in Wigginton or Tring.

Women Straw Platting at Wigginton

The main text is Violet Kingham (nee Mead) recollections, dictated in the 1980's, and this is supported by a number of photographs. She was born in Wigginton, and worked as a servant at Pendley, and Aldbury, and married Reg Kingham, of the cycle shop in Western Road, Tring. Her story is a vivid account of life in the early part of the 20th century and the friendly style is illustrated by the following extract:

When my brother Fred was 11 he went crow scaring. He had a tin tray to bang on and a pair of clappers to change over to when the crows got used to one sound. The field was at the top of vicarage road where we then lived and belonged to Mr Busby. For doing his crow scaring he gave Fred 6 pence. I cannot remember for how long he had to scare the crows for to earn this but I know I wanted to do it as well, but found it too difficult.

While using the clappers Fred would shout

Fly away! or Ill come with my clappers and knock you right back-ards so fly away do!

Fred also did stone picking in the same field.

There is also an account of Reg's trip to Canada. 

Kingham's Cycle Shop, Western Road, Tring