GURNEY, Tring, Mid-19th Century

August, 2003




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Margaret Pearce (jpea4537 @t of Bassendean, Western Australia, says: William Kempton Gurney was born in Tring in 1848, and died in Rowsham Bucks in 1895. He married Mary Roads in 1870 at St Marys, had 3 children Mary, Kate,Thomas b 1876.He was a licensed maltser at Brewery Farm Rowsham.  Can you help ? 

The standard procedure in such cases is to purchase the birth certificate, possibly using the father's name, which will be on the marriage certificate. As you live in Perth you should have had no difficulty in getting access to microfiche copies of the birth index - but in any case large sections of the index are available online through FreeBMD. A check online shows the following entry:

Births Jun 1848
Gurney  William Compton   Berkhampstead  6 479

As Berkhamsted is the Hertfordshire  registration district that includes Tring, and the name is phonetically virtually identical, I am sure that this is your ancestor - and all you have to do is to purchase the certificate - which will give you various bits of information including his mother's maiden name.

In fact William also turns up in the 1851 census for Tring, living in the "West End" of the Town.

GURNEY, Joseph Head 24 Carpenter Rowsham, Bucks
GURNEY, Mary A Wife 24   Tring
GURNEY, William H Son 3   Tring
GURNEY, Thomas Son 9m   Tring
GURNEY, Mark Brother 18 Carpenters Apprentice Rowsham, Bucks

As William appears to be the eldest child of a comparatively young couple, you should be able to guess the date of marriage within a year or two - and use this information, together with Mary's maiden name from William's birth certificate, to locate and purchase Joseph and Mary's marriage certificate.