Greg Football Cup Winners, 1911-12

(Walkern F.C.)


Lloyd Briscoe (lloydbriscoe @t kindly provided this
picture of the Walkern Team which won the Greg cup in 1911-12.

Ann Fisher (annfisher570 @t writes The picture of the football team 1911-1912  contains a picture of my grandfather Thomas Baggs Vye standing at the back right hand side. See also VYE, Walkern, before December 1912.

Ronald Smith (rws.2209 @t of Letchworth Garden City writes to say that the player in the front row, bottom right is William James Smith. There is some uncertainty as to his identity but one possibility is  the William James Smith who was born at Ivy Cottage, Weston (the next village to Walkern) in 1875 and who was living in nearby Baldock in 1911 with his wife Florence, son Frederick William Smith (4), and daughters Cecily Emily Smith (2) and Florence Smith (5 months). He was the the son of George and Elizabeth Smith, who lived at Prospect Terrace, Baldock, in 1891.




North Herts Football Association

Greg Cup

Winners 1911-12



Ann Fisher has kindly provided pictures of these gold medals relating to the cup from his watch chain.

 These tiny items are the kind of family mementoes that can easily be overlooked.



North Herts Football Association

Junior League

Winners 1911-12



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