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BAIL, Oswald Road, St Albans

Conveyance, 1878

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St Albans

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BAIL, Oswald Road, St Albans, from 1878


This document records that Robert Bail, an engine driver of  Rose Cottage, Midland Station, St Albans, paid George Farr Arnold, builder of St Albans,  117 on 24th September, 1878, for two plots of land in the New Road (now Oswald Road) adjoining Alma Road,  St Albans. The plot was sold to Robert Bail at an auction at the Peahen Hotel.

Schedule 1

The land (presumably part of a very much larger area near Midland Station) was purchased by George Farr Arnold from the British Land Company Limited on 27th March 1869,

Schedule 2

This deals with the responsibility for boundary fences and the maintenance of Oswald Road.


The solicitor handling the case was George Annesley

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