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BAIL, Oswald Road, St Albans

Mortgage, 1880

April, 2011



St Albans

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BAIL, Oswald Road, St Albans, from 1878


This document records that on 11th October 1880 Robert Bail, engineer of Fern Villa, Latimer Road, St Albans, was given a loan of 500 on the properties, No 10, 11, 12 and 13 Oswald Road by Mr Hugh Frederick Underwood, a solicitor of Margaret Street, Cavendish Square, Middlesex. The loan was at 5% interest.

This indicates that the houses were built to let (leasehold premises) between between 1878 and October 1880 and the mortgage may well have been taken out in order to pay the builder on completion of the work.




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