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BAIL, Oswald Road, St Albans

Mortgage, 1892

April, 2011



St Albans

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BAIL, Oswald Road, St Albans, from 1878


This document records a loan of 800 paid by Thomas Kent, brewer of St Albans, to Robert Bail, engine driver of Cardigan Villa, Oswald Road, St Albans. The security was the four cottages, now numbered 10, 11, 12, and 13 Oswald Road, occupied by tenants Ernest Shepherd, Frederick Woodman, George Hill and  Mrs Waller, together with Cardigan Villa and Oswald Villa, with tenants Fanny Croften and Sarah Page.

The mortgage was reassigned to George's executors in August 1918, the two villas being sold to a Mr R. L. Samuel by George's executors in September 1918


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