Ludgrove, Hadley Common, circa 1900

[Arthur Tempest Blackiston DUNN]

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Monken Hadley

Ludgrove, Nadley Common, Monken Hadley, Cockfosters, High Class Preparatory School

Ludgrove, New Barnet - B & D KROMO post card No 21918, circa 1907

[Image kindly supplied by Les Bedford] [copy known posted 1910]

Les Bedford ( of New Barnet writes: I've recently taken over as the webmaster for the Monken Hadley Common web site, and am part way through re-designing the site. I have accumulated a number of old postcards relating to the Common, and a few of these are already on the site. I have my sights on publishing the above Ludgrove card, ("KROMO" SERIES postcard No. T 21918) and if you can shed any light on its date, this would be much appreciated!

The card was published by the pioneer post card publishers Blum and Degan - and fortunately these cards can be dated pretty precisely. They launched the Kromo series of coloured post cards in 1905 and went bankrupt in October 1908. It seems most of the Hertfordshire views were specially photographed so a date of circa 1906 will be about right.

The house was in Monken Hadley parish, which means that prior to 1904 it was in Middlesex, then moved into Hertfordshire, for a period of 60 years. This means that it is not always clear where records relating to it might be found. In the 1896 London Suburban Directory (Northern) it is recorded as

 Dunn, Arthur Tempest Blackiston, Ludgrove, Cock Fosters or Trent, Enfield, Letters through New Barnet

In the Middlesex Directory for 1899 it appears as:

 Dunn, Arthur T. B., Private Boys School, Ludgrove, Cockfosters, Enfield - Letters through New Barnet

In the 1901 census it comes under the Barnet (Herts) union as

Ludgrove, Hadley Common, Monkton Hadley (Herts)

However in 1908 and 1912 I could find no reference to it in the Hertfordshire Directories.

On the other hand it turns out that Arthur Tempest Blackiston Dunn (1860-1902) is a very interesting character (Wikipedia). He was born in Whitby, Yorkshire, the son of John Dunn, who was M.A. Cambs. and teacher of Italian, Greek and Mathematics at Cambridge University in 1891.

Arthur Dunn, Footballer, England Cap, 1860-1902Arthur was educated at Eton and later got an M.A. at Trinity College Cambridge (where he was at the time of the 1881 census.) He played football for the Old Etonians playing in the F.A. Cup in 1882, (when Blackburn Rovers were beaten 1-0) and 1883 (when Blackburn Olympic won 2-1). He played in the England team when they beat Ireland in 1883 and 1884, Wales in 1892, and Scotland in 1893. He was England's captain twice. By the end of the century it was becoming increasingly apparent that amateur teams could no longer win the F.A. Cup and Arthur Dunn proposed a competition for the old boys of public schools. Before this could be done he died, at Ludgrove. Three weeks later his friend Norman Malcolmson (brother-in-law and Old Etonian) convened a meeting which resulted in the foundation of the Arthur Dunn Cup. The first match was played on 28 March 1903, and is still competed for annually, its centenary being celebrated in 2003.

In 1892 Arthur married Helen Matilda Malcolmson, daughter of George Malcolmson, a Banker and Merchant who lived at West Farm, East Barnet in 1881 and at Norrysbury, Cockfosters Road, East Barnet in 1891. In the same year Arthur established Ludgrove School, a large preparatory boarding school not far from where his father-in-law lived.

 The following was the establishment at Ludgrove in 1901 (FindMyPast transcription), the original being unclear about the status of his wife in the running and ownership of the school:
DUNN, Arthur Tempest B Head Married M 40 Head Master Of
Preparatory School
Whitby, Yorkshire
DUNN, Helen Matilda Wife Married F 33 (ditto) Hyde Park SQ, London
DUNN, John Herbert M Son Single M 7   Hadley, Hertfordshire
DUNN, Marjory Florence Daughter Single F 6   Hadley, Hertfordshire
DUNN, Olive Mary Daughter Single F 1   Hadley, Hertfordshire







ANDERSON, Gerard Rupert Laurie Pupil   M 12   Twickenham, Middlesex
BAGNALL, Frederick P Dunn Pupil   M 11   Little Shalford, Cambridgeshire
BAILEY, Wilfrid Hussell Pupil   M 9   London
BENSON, Reginald Lindlay Pupil   M 11   South Street, London
BEVAN, Robert Austin Pupil   M 10   Swanley, Kent
BIRCHENOUGH, William Taylor Pupil   M 9   Lyme Green, Cheshire
BIRKBECK, Christopher Robert Pupil   M 12   Keswick, Norfolk
BOOTH, Honble John L R Silster Pupil   M 10   Maiden Erley, Berkshire
BOSCAWEN, Honble George Edward Pupil   M 12   South Andtry ST, London
BOSEMAN, Honble Vere Douglas Pupil   M 10   South Andley ST, London
BRIDGEMAN, Roger Orlando Pupil   M 11   Cromwell RD, London
BURNET, John Robert Pupil   M 9   Upper Wimpole ST, London
BURRELL, Raymond Frances T Pupil   M 11   Wimbledon, Surrey
BUSK, Joseph Pupil   M 10   Dorchester, Dorsetshire
CAMPBELL, Henry Fitz Herbert Pupil   M 9   Ralster, Staffordshire
CORBET, Vincent Stewart Pupil   M 11   Grosvenor Square, London
CORNWALLIS, Fiennes Wykeham M Pupil   M 10   Linton, Kent
CORNWALLIS, Stanley Wykeham Pupil   M 8   Linton, Kent
CURTIS, Arthur R W Pupil   M 11   Fakenham, Norfolk
CURTIS, Henry Osborne Pupil   M 12   Hillington, Norfolk
DYDES, Wyndham Douglas Hart Pupil   M 8   St Grayes Hanover SQ, London
EASTWOOD, Harold Edmund Pupil   M 12   Witley, Surrey
EASTWOOD, John Francis Pupil   M 13   Witley, Surrey
EASTWOOD, Noel Walter Pupil   M 10   Witley, Surrey
FINCH, John Charles Wynne Pupil   M 9   Tylrizoy, Carmarthenshire
FORTESCUE, Honble Hugh William Pupil   M 12   Chesham ST, London
GREENWOOD, Victor John Pupil   M 13   Bertswith, Yorkshire
HARTER, James Collier Foster Pupil   M 11   Grosvenor ST, London
HAY, Lord Edward Douglas John Pupil   M 12   Haddingtonshire Gifford Scotland
HIBBERT, Leicester Robert Pupil   M 12   Co Dublin Dublin
HIBBERT, Thurstans Holland Pupil   M 12   Aldenham, Hertfordshire
HICKS, Charles E H Tempest Pupil   M 12   Parish of Hadley, Hertfordshire
HOLLINS, John C H L Pupil   M 10   Preston St Georges, Lancashire
HUNTER, Kenneth Shingby Pupil   M 11   Aldwark, Yorkshire
HUNTER, Ronald Claude Pupil   M 12   London
KENNETT Aubrey Hampton Barrington Pupil   M 10   East Barnet, Hertfordshire
KENNETT, Victor A Barrington Pupil   M 13   Belgrave ST, London
LYON, Honble Fergus Bowes Pupil   M 11   Ham, Surrey
LYTLER, Neil Freaser Pupil   M 11   Inverness Dover Scotland
MALONE, Cecil John L estrange Pupil   M 10   Dalton Hobine, Yorkshire
MAYNARD, Anthony Lax Pupil   M 11   Chesterfield, Derbyshire
MITCHISON, Gilbert Richard Pupil   M 11   Sunbury on Thames, Surrey
NORMAN, Charles Wake Pupil   M 10   London
OXLEY, Gerald Stewart Pupil   M 11   Worth, Sussex
PARKER, Oliver Ivan Pupil   M 9   N K
PEASE, Richard Arthur Pupil   M 10   Darlington, Durham
PELHAM, Honble Sackirlle G A Pupil   M 12   Arlington ST, London
PREMANT, Alan G Sholto Douglas Pupil   M 10   Stony Stratford, Northamptonshire
ROWLEY, George Richard Francis Pupil   M 12   Morcott, Rutland
SMITH, Reginald H M A Pupil   M 10   Witley, Surrey
STEPHENSON, Edward Keppel Pupil   M 10   Beanfort Gardens, London
STRICKLAND, Algernon Walter Pupil   M 10   Chefielt Mayfair, London
TOPHAM, Denis Bevan Pupil   M 11   Barkstone Gardens, London
VERNON, Granville C F Harcourt Pupil   M 9   Groun, Nottinghamshire
WALKER, John P E Pupil   M 9   Hocliffe Leighton Buzzard, Beds
WALKER, Robert James Milo Pupil   M 11   Hockcliffe Leighton Buzzard, Beds
WIGGIN, William Henry Pupil   M 13   Selly Oak, Worcestershire
WILLIAMS, Edward Gordon Pupil   M 12   Otway St Mary, Devonshire
WORSLEY, William Arthington Pupil   M 10   Hovingham, Yorkshire
ZINN, Valentine Maurice Wyndham Pupil   M 10   Marylebone, London







BROOMFIELD, Alice Servant   F 38 Nurse Paddington, London
BROOMFIELD, Milly Servant Single F 28 Nurse Paddington, London
ALLIS, Laonna Florence Servant Single F 19 Under Nurse Withington, Herefordshire
KNIGHT, Elizabeth Servant Single F 53 Head Cook Morton, Lincolnshire
PETERS, Alice Servant Single F 24 Parlour Maid Hotlisbury St Mary, Surrey
HILLIER, Ellen Elizabeth Servant Single F 28 Housemaid Bromham, Wiltshire
BOWMAN, Edith Servant Single F 25 Parlourmaid Reading, Berkshire
POULTER, Margaret M Servant Single F 21 Parlourmaid Newtown, Cambridgeshire
DEARMAN, Florence Jane Servant Single F 20 Kitchen Maid Hertfordshire
HOBBS, Edith Mary Servant Single F 18 Kitchen Maid Cockfosters, Middlesex
SISMEY, Mary Ann Servant Single F 21 Housemaid Bardythorpe, Rutland
SLIVERMAN, Edith Woodley Servant   F 21 Housemaid Poplar, London
FAINLAND, Alice Servant Single F 20 Kitchenmaid Leatherhead, Surrey
SHEARMAN, Alice Emily Servant Single F 19 Housemaid Poplar, London
SAUGET, Lily Servant Single F 15 Kitchenmaid Crewkerne, Somersetshire

The teachers were in Trent House, Ludgrove
HANSELL, Henry Peter Boarder Married M 36 Schoolmaster Assistant Norwich, Norfolk
SMITH, Gilbert Oswald Boarder Single M 28 Schoolmaster Assistant Croydon, Surrey
OAKLEY, William J Boarder Single M 27 Schoolmaster Assistant Shrewsbury, Salop
BROWN, Arthur N Boarder Single M 36 Schoolmaster Assistant Nayland, Suffolk
BLORE, William Parry Boarder Single M 25 Schoolmaster Assistant Canterbury, Kent
STANBOROUGH, Walter F H Boarder Single M 31 Schoolmaster Assistant Cleobury North, Salop
JUCKES, Selina Servant Single F 50 Matron Domestic Ledbury, Herefordshire
WILDING, Mabel M E Servant Single F 16 Housemaid Domestic Highgate, Middlesex

Arthur Dunn had recruited a number of eminent sportsmen to assist him as masters and was succeeded, on his premature death, by two England international football captains, Gilbert Oswald Smith and William John Oakley, who became joint headmasters. The 1911 eleven census records the following at Ludgrove:
SMITH, Gilbert Head Single M 38 Schoolmaster Surrey Croydon
SMITH, Katherine Sister Single F 46   Middlesex Harrow
BROWN, Arthur Neville Assistant Single M 46 Schoolmaster Nayland Suffolk
STANBURGH, Walter Assistant Single M 40 Schoolmaster Cleobury North Shorpshire
BLORE, William Assistant Single M 35 Schoolmaster Kent Canterbury
BIRD, Wilfred Assistant Single M 27 Schoolmaster Yiewsley Middlesex
OAKLEY, William Assistant Single M 37 Schoolmaster Shorpshire Shrewsbury







The Earl Of Brecknock Boarder   M 11 School London St Georges Hanover SQ
ALLEN, John Boarder   M 10 School Northants Brackley
ANDERSON, Rupert Boarder   M 10 School Surrey Tilford
BARING, Honble Alexander Boarder   M 12 School London Westminster
BARRY, Hubert Boarder   M 12 School London Knightsbridge
BOGLE-SMITH, James Boarder   M 13 School London Knightsbridge
BRIDGEMAN, Geoffrey Boarder   M 12 School London Marylebone
BUTT-MILLER, George Boarder   M 10 School Wilts Cricklade
BUXTON, Desmond Boarder   M 13 School Norfolk Thorpe Norwick
CLUTTERBUCK, Hugh Boarder   M 10 School Bucks Aylesbury
COVENTRY, Charles Boarder   M 10 School London Westminster
COVENTRY, Honble George Boarder   M 10 School Worcestershire U K
CURZON, Richard Boarder   M 12 School Derby Weston Underwood
DRAGE, Thomas Boarder   M 10 School Lancs Thurston
DUDLEY-SMITH, Osbert Boarder   M 12 School London Westminster
DUGDALE, James Boarder   M 12 School London Knightsbridge
FENWICK, Charles Boarder   M 10 School London Kensington
FERGUSON, Andrew Boarder   M 11 School London Westminster
FERGUSON, Victor Boarder   M 13 School Australia N S W Sydney
FORDE, Thomas Boarder   M 12 School Dublin Dublin Ireland
FORSTER, Alfred Boarder   M 13 School Hants Exbury
GRANT, Alexander Boarder   M 9 School India Simla
GURNEY, Cecil Boarder   M 9 School Norfolk Norwick
GWYNNE, David Boarder   M 12 School Warwick Leamington
HARCOURT-VERNON, Egerton Boarder   M 11 School Notts Retford
HARGREAVES, John Boarder   M 11 School London Kensington
HART-DYKE, Ashley Boarder   M 11 School Surrey Wimbledon
HEATHCOAT-AMORY, Derick Boarder   M 11 School London Marylebone
HEBER-PERCY, Hugh Boarder     13 School London Westminster
HILL-WOOD, Basil Boarder   M 11 School London Westminster
HILL-WOOD, Wilfrid Boarder   M 9 School London Westminster
HOARE, Bertram Boarder   M 9 School Glamorgan Cardiff
HOARE, Eustace Boarder   M 11 School London Kensington
HOARE, Michael Boarder   M 11 School Hants Basingstoke
HOARE, Reginald Boarder   M 10 School London Marylebone
IMPEY, Lawrence Boarder   M 11 School Bucks Eton
JARDINE, John Boarder   M 11 School Edinburgh Scotland
KEPPEL, Honble Edward Boarder   M 13 School London Westminster
KIDSTON, George Boarder   M 11 School London Westminster
KNOWLES, Robert Boarder   M 13 School Derby Brailsford
LEES, Dennis Boarder   M 11 School Cambs Cambridge
LESLIE, Lionel Boarder   M 10 School London Marylebone
MICHAEL-LLEWELYN, Charles Boarder   M 11 School London Westminster
OXLEY, Malcolm Boarder   M 11 School Sussex Turners Hill
PORCHESTER, Lord Boarder   M 12 School London Westminster
RENSHAW, Thomas Boarder   M 11 School London Marylebone
ROMILLY, Lord Boarder   M 12 School London Westminster
STANCLIFFE, George Boarder   M 11 School Cheshire Macclesfield
STRICKLAND-CONSTABLE, Henry Boarder   M 10 School  
TABOR, Robert Boarder   M 9 School Essex Rochford
TRITTON, Geoffrey Boarder   M 10 School London Knightsbridge
WALKER, Patrick Boarder   M 12 School Yorks Diddington
WARRENDER, Victor Boarder   M 11 School London Westminster
WATT, Alvery Hall Boarder   M 9 School Devon Toquay
WHITBREAD, Peter Boarder   M 13 School London Westminster
WICKHAM-BOYNTON, Henry Boarder   M 10 School Yorks Burton Agnes
WODEHOUSE, Honble Edward Boarder   M 12 School Norfolk Witton
WODEHOUSE, Richard Hall Boarder   M 12 School Devon Toquay







BUTTERFIELD, Mary Servant Single F 46 Cook Pauls Walden Herts
BUTTERFIELD, Fanny Servant Single F 50 Kitchenmaid Pauls Walden Herts
ALDRIDGE, Daisy Servant Single F 16 Kitchenmaid Mortimer Berks
FAIRCHILDS, Alice Servant Single F 17 Scullary Hungerford Berks
HOOK, Gertrude Servant Single F 25 Pantry Maid Godalming Surrey
MAY, Louise Servant Single F 23 Pantry Maid Mortimer Berks
ALDHOUS, Jessie Servant Single F 31 House Maid Cambridge
KINGSWELL, Winifred Servant Single F 31 Parlour Maid Bishopstone Salisbury
SHARP, Lucy Servant Single F 33 Matron Pauls Walden Herts
FAIRS, Alice Servant Single F 16 House Maid Reading Berks
WYLDE, Edith Servant Single F 18 House Maid Hungerford Berks
BLAKE, Alice Servant Single F 15 House Maid Upper Edmonton
GLADDING, Ellen Servant Single F 16 House Maid Hades Hill Herts
MURRAY, Margaret Servant Single F 42 Hospital Nurse London Marylebone
JUCKES, Selina Servant Single F 60 Matron Herefordshire Ledbury
MORRIS, Lilian Servant Single F 19 Housemaid Hertfordshire Gilston

In 1937 the school moved to Wokingham, Berkshire, and former old boys at it Berkshire address include Prince William, Prince Harry and the Duke of Kent. For more information about the Berkshire School as it is now see

 May 2016

Hilary Tolputt writes: I was interested in the page on the early history of Ludgrove School and believe that sometime prior to the outbreak of the First World War, the music master at Ludgrove was George Jerrard Wilkinson. Wilkinson was educated at Uppingham School, and Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. He left Cambridge in 1908 and went to the Academy at Munich to continue his musical studies.  I believe when he returned he taught at Ludgrove School and later at Northaw Place School. He was living at the Caius Mission House in Battersea at the time of the 1911 census and at the outbreak of the war.  He was a founder member of the English Folk Dance Society and one of the team that gave demonstrations around the country.

I have been researching the life of Wilkinson who was a sergeant signaller in the 16th Middlesex and was killed on the first day of the Battle of the Somme. He is on the war memorial of our church, Holy Trinity, Folkestone. It seems that his mother and sister lived in Folkestone at least from 1916 and continued to be in the Kelly’s directory until 1928 although also being listed as residents at Eltham

I would be pleased of your confirmation that Wilkinson was in fact on the staff at Ludgrove and any other information that you have of his time at Ludgrove.  I have details of his musical compositions.

I have no special knowledge of the school or its teachers - so cannot directly answer your question. While the records of many small private school of the time do not survive, this school clearly catered for the higher levels of society, and still exists, although in a new location. As a result it may still have records relating to both pupils and staff. It is possible that there was a school magazine - which could record the arrival of new teachers  and might well record things such as concert the music teacher arranged. In addition it could well be interested in the contribution the school's former staff and pupils made in the First World War and there may be a record of pupils and teachers who died in the conflict. So contact the school to see what records they have - but if the answer is "none" you may not be able to confirm the dates George Wilkinson was at the school, or what he did.

However your query has prompted me to have a quick scan of the British Newspaper Archive to try and identify some of the pupils who died in the War.

WW1 Military References from the B.N.A.

The Royal tutor, Mr. Henry Peter Hansell, who is now an A. B. in he Royal Navy Reserve, has been associated with the Prince of Wales and his brothers for over a dozen years, but his connection with the Reigning Family goes further back, for he was, for a time, private tutor to Prince Arthur of Connaught. A member of a well-known East Anglian family, Mr Hansell, who is now in the fifties, was a Magdalen man, and held positions at Rossall and Ludgrove after leaving Oxford. Portsmouth Evening News, 30 March, 1915.

Captain William Archie Arbuthnot Middleton, 2nd Battalion Seaforth Highlanders, killed in action at St Julien on 25th April 1915, was educated at Ludgrove, Eton and Sandhurst. ... The Scotsman, 11 May, 1915.

Wilfrid Stanley Bird, Lieutenant 6th Battalion, King's Royal Rifle Corps, was killed in action on May 9th, 1915.. ... he has played [cricket] at Lord's for Middlesex, and for the Gentlemen v. Players, and also represented England v. South Africa. For eight years he was a master at Ludgrove School ... Dorking & Leatherhead Advertiser, 15 May 1915.  ... He left a legacy of £250 for additions to the school at Ludgrove, New Barnet. Surrey Mirror, 21 September 1915

Three Brothers Killed in Action. Major Victor Annesley Barrington-Kennett, of the Royal Flying Corps, who has been missing since March 13th, is now officially reported killed. He was shot down by a German aeroplane during a fight in the air. He was educated at Ludgrove School, Eton, and Balliol College, Oxford, where he graduated with honours. He was recommended in dispatches "for gallant and distinguished service in the field." Two of his brothers have already fallen in the war - Brevet Major Basil H. Barrington-Kennett (Grenadier Guards), aged 30, killed on May 18th of last year; and Second Lieutenant Aubrey Hampden Barrington-Kennett (Oxon & Bucks Light Infantry), aged 25, who was killed at the battle of the Aisne. The latter was educated at University College, Oxford, where he matriculated in 1909. Banbury Advertiser 15 June, 1916

Capt. George Ronald Lane, Coldstream Guards, who has been killed in action, was the only son of Major-Gen. Sir Ronald and Lady Lane, of Carleton Hall, Saxmundham. He was born in February, 1894, and educated at Ludgrove and Eton, whence he passed into Sandhurst. ...  Staffordshire Advertiser, 30 September, 1916.

Sergeant Signaller George Jerrard Wilkinson, B.A., Middlesex Regiment, reported missing on July 1, and now known to have fallen on that day, was the youngest son of the late Rev. W. B. Wilkinson (at the Shrubbery, Walmsley) and grandson of the late Canon Wilkinson, D.D., rector of Birmingham, and of Bishop Hale, D.D., of Perth and Brisbane. ... At the outbreak of war he was living at Cains College Mission Settlement in Battersea, and teaching at Ludgrove and Northan Place Schools ... Birmingham Daily Post, 23 December, 1916.

Sec.-Lieut. William Arthur Derrick Eley, who was killed in action on February 17, was the only son of Lieut. Col. W. G. Eley, Yorkshire Hussars, and Mrs Eley, of Escrick, Yorkshire. Born in September 1897 he was educated at Ludgrove and at Eton ... Yorkshire Post, 28 February, 1917.

Second Lieutenant George Harry Thornton Ross, Essex Regiment (previously reported missing August 9, 1916, now officially presumed killed on that day), was the only son of the late Harry Thornton Ross, Superintendent of the Madras Police, and of Mrs. Ross, of Norton Road, Hove, Sussex, and grandson of the late Major Montagu Battye, Royal Body Guard. He was educated at Ludgrove and Cheltenham, and joined the Army in the first week of the war. ... Cheltenham Looker-On, 7 April, 1917.

The Earl and Countess of Albemarle have received information of the death of their fourth son, Lieut. the Hon. Albert Edward George Arnold Keppel, of the Rifle Brigade, who was killed in action on August 1st. He was educated at Ludgrove and Eton, and then spent about nine months at Sandhurst, from whence he went to France six months ago on attaining the age of 19. ... Diss Express, 10 August 1917.

Lt. W. L. O. Parker, Hussars, attached R.F.C., who was killed in action on Oct. 31, aged 22 years, was the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Parker, of Faulkbourne Hall, Essex, and grandson of the late Mr. John Oxley Parker of Woodham Mortimer, and of the late Sir William Farrer. He was educated at Ludgrove, Eton, and Oriel College. ... Chelmsford Chronicle, 28 December, 1917

... Second Lieutenant James Collier Foster Harter, Hussars, attached Yeomanry, who fell on November 28, son of Mr. and Mrs. Foster Harter, of Salperton Park, who was educated at Ludgrove and Eton ... Gloucestershire Echo, 28 January, 1918.

Sec-Lieut Richard Hallwatt, Grenadier Guards, killed in action on October 13, was the eldest son of the late Mr Hall Watt and Mrs Eyre, of Bishop Burton, Beverley. He was 19 years of age, and was educated at Ludgrove, Eton College, and Sandhurst, obtaining a commission in November 1916. Yorkshire Post, 22 October 1917

2nd-Lieut. Nigel F. E. Anson, M.C., K.R.R.C., previously reported wounded and missing on July 10, 1917, in the battle of Nieuport, and now officially assumed to have been killed on that date ... He was educated at Ludgrove, at Eton ... and at Sandhurst. ... Staffordshire Advertiser, 13 July, 1918.

Burial in France: Deep regret was felt in Newbury and district at the news that Sir Richard Sutton had died in France. [aged 27] ... Sir Richard was educated at Ludgrove's Preparatory School ... Reading Mercury 7 December 1918



If you any further information about the time the early years of the school in Hertfordshire (up to the end of the First World War)  why not tell me. I have added a few links to Wikipedia on military records entries to pupils who achieved high status. If you know of similar links for other individuals let me know.


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