A New History of Flamstead

by Eric Edwards

Flamstead Society

1999 [ISBN 0 9519739 2 4]


Getting Water from Flamstead Village Pump

This is an excellent local history which covers the leading families, the everyday people, what they did, and the places where they lived. There are over 300 pages packed with information and a good index. There a a large number of photographs.

The 19th century Sebright Almshouses in Singlets Lane, demolished in 1965.




Early History and Origin of Names

The Little Nunnery of St Giles-in-th-wood, Beechwood Park and the Saunders Sebright Family

Civic Matters - Local Government; Population; Health and disease; The Poor; Crime and Punishment

Employment, Industry, Commerce and Transport

Farms and Farming


The Lords of the Manor of Flamstead

Public Houses

Roads, Properties and People

Religious Matters - St Leonard's Church; Nonconformity


Sports and Pastimes

Two World Wars

A brief description of Flamstead in 1999




Locating Books
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NOTE: This was published as a limited edition of 500 copies - virtually all of which were taken up by advanced orders, and copies were unavailable within days of publication. It was been reprinted - but is now definitely out of print.

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