Books on Hertfordshire

Tales of Old Hertfordshire

by Doris Jones-Baker

Countryside Books, 1987, [ISBN 0-905392-82-5]

The Wicked Lady of Markyate Cell

The book contains a series of stories, myths and legends associated with Hertfordshire, together with some modern drawings, such as the above, and a reproduction of Speede's map of Hertfordshire. The chapter headings are:

The Lost Treasures of St Albans
Stevenage Staveguts and Lying Tring
The Wicked Lady of Markyate [
See: The Wicked Lady of Markyate Cell]
The Black Death
The Soot-Spreaders of Whitwell
Abbot Richard's Wonderful Clock
Jack O'Legs, The Weston Giant
The Red-Cloaked Knight
Old Man's Day at Braughing
Old Watford Characters
Piers Shonks, the Dragon Slayer
Hock-Tide at Hexton [
See also in: A Harvest of Hexton]
The Murderous Pie Man of Hertford
Popladys! Popladys!
The Fiddler of Anstey
Hedgehogs and Hawbucks
The Sweet Shop Woman of Lilley
The Great Northern from Hatfield
The Great Bed of Ware

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