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Watford Observer supplement

April 30, 1999

Watford High Street

The Watford Observer is a weekly newspaper which prints occasional supplements, such as this one, on historical topics. This is the first of a series relating to the 20th century. Each has a good selection of pictures and an interesting supporting text.

They later published a follow-up series of supplements, known as "The Millenium Collection" - in four parts, each covering 25 years, starting with 1900-1924.


Depressing familiarity: Newspaper headlines show little has changed in some respects.

Suspicion greets offer: Courageous council refuses to look a gift horse in the mouth.

The most serious issue: Councils forced to find ways of getting rid of human waste.

'Utterly disgraceful': Rioting mob shames town after royal celebrations are postponed.

Horse-drawn bus in Lower High Street, Watford

Fighting fire and floods: Low water pressure proved major handicap in tackling blazes.

The White Bear, Rickmansworth.

No wizards in Watford: Public transport increases in popularity as state of roads declines.

Penchant for debate: Gearless Gorle champions radical concepts in council chamber.

Sell-to-survive: Strikers discovered drunk during game - a not uncommon occurrence.

County takes control: Religion a bone of contention as schools go into the melting pot.

The worse for wear: Drink-related misdemeanours dominate court proceedings.

Having influenced helped: Cash shortfall prevents building of hospital in Rickmansworth Road.

Pleasure at the Palace: Demand for entertainment met with shows catering for all classes.

Rapid pace of change: Liberals landslide victory a start in bridging the class divide.

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