Hertfordshire Genealogy



Redbourn's History

by Alan Featherstone

Redbourn Books

(29 Crouch Hall Gardens, Redbourn, AL3 7EL),


ISBN 0-9541948-0-2, 288 pages, 15.00




There are references to sources at the end of each chapter, a good bibliography, and an index which, from the point of view of the genealogist, is limited because many of the personal names are not included. On the other hand its account of the village is highly readable and if your ancestors come from the village it would be a valuable acquisition.

This is an excellent and well illustrated book with chapters on the following topics

  1. Formation and Birth of the Village

  2. Domesday - Introduction to Medieval Redbourn

  3. Medieval Events

  4. The Medieval Church

  5. Redbourn Priory

  6. Medieval Redbourn & the Dissolution

  7. Travellers and Transport

  8. Redbourn People and their Homes

  9. The Poor of Redbourn

  10. Village Trades and Occupations

  11. Industries in Redbourn

  12. The Post-Medieval Church

  13. The Other Redbourn Churches

  14. Redbourn Schools

  15. This and That.

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