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CAMP - A local St Albans history

by Tony Billings

Published by the author, 2002
37 Camp Road, St Albans, AL1 5DX

ISBN 0-9508803-5-3, 54 pages, 5.00

Second edition with new material 2005

ISBN 0-9548769-2-X, 58 pages, 5.00

Camp House, outside St Albans, is marked on a 1766 map, but the area remained rural until the 1880's. This booklet looks at the history of the area with the following headings:

Where and What is the Camp?; Introduction to the area; The Crown to Camp Fields; Hatfield Road; Albion Road; Cavendish Road; Camp Road; Fairs and Circuses; orchid growers; the Catholic Schools; The Alban Way;  Camp Fields to the Camp; The Hatfield to St Albans Railway; Campfield Press; Camp Hill; Rubber Works; Camp House; The Camp; Oakley's Farm; Expansion; Camp School; Territorial Army; New Development; Future Development; The Camp to Hill End Hospital Gates; Rationalisation; shops and businesses; S. side and Camp Co-operative Allotment Society; Organ Museum; The coming of the 'ring road'; The severed limb; Camp yesterday, today and tomorrow; Appendix: Buses in Camp Road; Short Bibliography

While there are many books about St Albans, virtually all of these concentrate on the Roman city. the Abbey, and the City centre. Booklets like this, which concentrate on a housing and commercial area which only significantly developed in Victorian and later days, are very useful to the family historian interested in this period.

St Albans Directory

A-Z of St Albans Place-names over 2000 Years

by Tony Billings

Published by the author, 2003
37 Camp Road, St Albans, AL1 5DX

ISBN 0-9508803-6-1, 54 pages, 7.95

Includes a lengthy bibliography


Bus to St Albans

An illustrated local history and a description of the 84 Bus from its first run on 3 August 1912 to the present

Tony Billings


Booklet, 30.0*21.0 cm, 62 pages

Tony has published two other books: Buses in St Albans (2004) and Buses in St. Albans - An Illustrated Local History and Description of St. Albans Buses from 1946 to 1969 (2005)



A St Albans Streetscape

by Tony Billings

Published by the author, 2006
37 Camp Road, St Albans, AL1 5DX

ISBN 0-9548769-3-8, 54 pages, 9.95

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