The Radcliffes of Hitchin Priory

A Short History of Hitchin Priory in Georgian Days

by Ron Pigram

[Author] 1980

Booklet - 16 pages


This booklet paints a picture of life in the Priory in the 18th century - with some pictures and information from account books, and other interesting sources. However, if you are more interested in the genealogy of the Radcliffe Family the following booklet is likely to be more relevant, with short biographies of each owner.

A Brief History of Hitchin Priory


Hertfordshire County Council Education Committee


Booklet - 30 pages

Introduction; The Priory Building; The Carmelite Period; Conjectural Plan of the Priory; The [Radcliffe] Family Tree; The Period of Dissolution; The Radcliffe Story; The Delme-Radecliffe Story; Conclusion.

The Radcliffe & Delme-Radcliffe owners of the Priory

The above is extracted from the family tree in the booklet - which states that there is a more comprehensive family tree in the Priory. 

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