The Hertfordshire Yeomanry

An Illustrated History 1794-1920

by J. D. Sainsbury

Hart Books, Welwyn, 1994



Private, circa 1800

This book is an excellent well researched and detailed history of the Hertfordshire Yeomanry, with some excellent pictures plus sketches made at the time (during the First World War). The is an extensive bibliography.

The only complaint I could possibly have is that there is no index, which is a pity as many names and places are mentioned in the text.

Badge 1852





Historical Background to the Yeomanry and Mounted Volunteers, 1794-1920


The Yeomanry Cavalry and the Volunteer Cavalry in Hertfordshire, 1794-1824


The Golden Age, 1830-1900

The Yeomanry re-formed

The Cashio Troop

Lord Salisbury's Command, 1832-1847

The Independent Troops:

     The Dacorum Troop

     The Gilston Troop

     The Northern Troop

Lord Verulam's Command, 1847-1864

As Duty Called - Keeping the Peace and Escorting the Sovereign

Lord Malden's Command, 1864-1879

Lord Clarendon's Command, 1879-1901


South African Interlude


Into Khaki - The Years between the South African War and the First World War

The Hertfordshire Imperial Yeomanry, 1901-1908

The Hertfordshire Yeomanry, Territorial Force, 1908-1914


Introduction to War, 1914-1916

Mobilisation and the Move to War Stations

Cairo Garrison and the Defence of the Suez Canal

Gallipoli, August-November 1915

The Western Frontier of Egypt - Operations against the Senussi, December 1915-February 1916


War in Earnest - A and B Squadrons in Egypt and Palestine and B Squadron in France, 1916-1919

The Eastern Frontier of Egypt,

1916 The Battles of Gaza

The Advance into Palestine

Armageddon and after

B Squadron in France, June 1916-June 1917

B Squadron in Egypt, July 1917-May 1918


War in Earnest - D Squadron in Mesopotamia, North- West Persia and India,


Duties on the Lines of Communication

Battle for Kut

The Pursuit to Baghdad

The Euphrates Front

North-West Persia

Delayed in India


The Second and Third Line Units and the Depot, 1914-1918

2nd/1st Hertfordshire Yeomanry

3rd/1st Hertfordshire Yeomanry

The Regimental Depot

Epilogue - Last Post and Reveille Appendices


Principal Acts of Parliament


Establishments and Strengths


The 1st Hertfordshire Light Horse Volunteer Corps


Extracts from the Monthly Army List

Bibliography and Guide to Sources



Plate 96 The officers of 1st/1st Hertfordshire Yeomanry at Abbassia, December 1914.

Back Row: (L-R) 2nd Lieuts. H.W.E. Leslie, T. Holland-Hibbert, C.O.H. Bury, C. Cunliffe, W Holland-Hibbert.

Row: (L-R) Lieut. L.A.J.G.. Ram, 2nd Lieuts. V.C Ponsonby, H.C.N. Daniell, W.O. Cibbs, Lieuts. L. West (R.A.M.C), R.H.M. Abel Smith, R.F. Barnett, A.F. Castle (A.V.C), Qmr. and Hon. Lieut. WS. Ansell.

Front Row: (L-R) Lieut. A.S. Ward, Captain J.H Drake, Major E.B. Sheppard, Lt.-Col. S.C. Sheppard, D.S.O, Majors H.J.Wyld, C.F.C.W. de Falbe, Captains A.C.W. Clayton, A.O. Part.


The Seige of Kut, 1917


Shoeing-Smith Corporal Whitmore,

Palestine, 1917

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