North Mymms

Parish & People

by Dorothy Colville

Printed by Letchworth Printers Ltd, 1972



The Parish
Names and Numbers
The Parish Church
The Churchyard
The Churchwardens' Accounts and Other Matters
The Parish Charities
The Parish Magazine
Aerial Travellers
Manors and Houses
Three Famous Writers
Mr Capes
The Sibthorp Story
The Sabine Family of Hertfordshire
The Pretty American
Getting about His Parish
The Story of the Local Railway
From Pilot to Sky Pilot
Arthur Young 1741-1820
The Cottage Garden Show
A Sunday Afternoon Visitor

St Mary's Church
The Somers Memorial
North Mymms House from the SE
North Mymms House from the North
Octagon Lodge and the then new bridge
Water End School circa 1850
Mrs M A Cooke, headmistress 1902-22
Mother Chucks Cottage on Water End Green

Folly Arch, built about 1740
Needlework at School
South-west view of Gubbins
The Canal at Gubbins
Brookmans House in 1864
Muffets (Moffatss) Farm
The Converted Stables after the Fire
Bell Bar in 1840
Balloon Corner, Welham Green

Dellsome Lane, formerly St Albans Road
Welham Green Crossroads
The Bellringers in about 1900
North Mymms Cricket Club, 1905
The North Mymms Brass Band about 1900
St Mary's choir in 1921

South West view of Gubbins, 1840

The Bellringers in about 1900
W. Nash, G. Harrow, G. Wren, C. Nash, B. Marsden, ?. Nottingham, B. Smith, R. Honour

Locating Books

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