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Historic Barnet

edited by W H Gelder

Muir's Bookshop, Barnet, 1984

[a "3rd edition" dated 1985 appears to be a reprinting with minor amendments]


  1. In the Beginning

  2. Chipping Barnet through the centuries

  3. The Great North Road

  4. Barnet Parish Church and other churches

  5. Barnet inns and Alehouses

  6. The Battle of Barnet

  7. East Barnet from 1539 to 1850

  8. Tudor Hall: Barnet's old Grammar School

  9. Barnet Fair

  10. Barnet Physic Well

  1. The Byngs of Wrotham Park

  2. Elizabeth Allen School

  3. Barnet's Theatre

  4. Leaves from a Workhouse register

  5. From Workhouse to Wellhouse

  6. Barnet General Hospital

  7. The story of Barnet Press

  8. How Barnet got its railway

  9. East Barnet after the railway

  10. Some Barnet shops in 1917

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