100 Years of Hexton

Mrs Ashley Cooper

The Author, 1982

Hardback, 72 pages, 25.5 * 19 cm


  Biik Civer, Hexton, Herts
This book contains many pictures and a map of the village in 1935. These are organised under the headings (see right)

The section on the manor includes photographs of the manor (inside and out), the grounds (the picture shows the house from the lake), the owners (Caroline Young, Joseph Andrew de Latour, Captain William Frances Joseph Young, George Hudson, Sir James Hill, Sir Patrick Ashley Cooper and James Ashley Cooper) and some of the staff.

There are many photographs of groups of people, but in most cases individuals are not identified. There is a short (one page) history of the village. There is no index.


Hexton Manor

Six Owners of Hexton Manor

Hexton Church

Views of the Village and Village life

Hexton Cricket Club

Hexton School

Hexton Women's Institute


Manor Farm

Pegsdon scenes

Royal celebrations

The shoot

Hexton Fete.

Anne Ashley Cooper also wrote A Harvest of Hexton


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