A Glimpse of the Past

Edited by Cyril R Burch

M & R Printing Services, Rickmansworth


ISBN 0-906131-00-6

1983 reprint with different cover

ISBN 0-906131-0300

Paperback, 62 pages of photographs

Sample Pictures

This picture of 1912 shows the vast interior of the barn and its timber structure, some 35 feet from floor to ridge. There has been some argument as to whether the roof beams may be of oak or chestnut. The roof caved in and the building was in a bad condition during the 1960's, but it has now been restored to its former appearance.


In this view the five almshouses are shown with their last occupant, Mrs Coleman, before demolition in the early 30's. They were built in 1682 by John Fotherley for "five poor widows" and consisted of one room. The building that replaced them was occupied by Woolworths for some 30 years, and still bears the stone plaque seen above two doorways in the picture.

Uxbridge Road looking East shows on the left the Smithy, and on the right, a building with projecting windows which at one time was the public house, "The Spotted Dog."

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