Hunsdon and Widford

a local history

Hunsdon Local History Society


Glossy Paperback, 21 * 15 cm, 60 pages, many b/w photographs & drawings

  Cover of book "Hunsdon & Widford"

Early History

The First Settlers

The Romans

The Anglo-Saxons and the Norman Conquest

The Lords of the Manor

The Lords' powers

Tudor and Stuart Times

The Royal Connection with Hunsdon House

The Parish Churches and the Reformation

Local People: their occupations and possessions

Local Self-Government

Dissent and Independence

The Constable : The Pinder

The Aletaster : The Surveyor of the Highways

The Care of the Poor

Where They Lived

Village Lay-out: The Houses of the Poor

Widford Houses



The Eighteenth Century Village

The Gentry and Their Houses

Village Society

The Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

The Influence of the Landowners

Hunsdon Village

Widford Village

The Local Schools

The War, and the R.A.F. in Hunsdon.

Hunsdon and Widford are Hertfordshire villages about half way between Ware and Sawbridgeworth

The cover (illustrated) shows a portrait of Edward VI, with Hunsdon Church and Hunsdon House in the background.




St Thomas Foster's Tomb, Hunsdon Parish Church, Herts

Sir Thomas Foster's tomb

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