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Redbourn 1962 (reprint 1963)

Paperback, 21.5 * 14 cm, 110 pages, 16 photgraphic plates, one foldout map of the parish.

In the 1950's and 60's a series of practical local history courses were held by Lional M. Mumby, and run by the Worker's Educational Association. These courses lead to the publication of a number of books and this book is the one produced by the class in Redbourn. This book is a good example, which deals with a number of selected topics. It has the disadvantage that there is no index, so it is difficult to find references to people or places by name.

  1. Medieval Redbourn: The Settlement of Redbourn; The Benedictine Cell; Redbournbury; The Church in Redbourn; The Mills

  2. Redbourn before the Industrial Revolution: The Growth of the Farms; The Landlord: The Gorhambury Estate; The Changing Social Structure of Redbourn

  3. The Church since the Reformation: The Parish Church; Nonconformity

  4. Life in Redbourn in Recent Centuries: Ordinary and Extraordinary Events in Past Times: The Poor: The High Street and the Railway Line: Redbourn Life at the End of the Last Century; Cricket


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