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Salisbury Hall - Country Life Postcard - undated but almost certainly post WW2




The Story of

Salisbury Hall

Sir George Bellew

[Guide Book]

4th Edition 1977

Booklet, 24 * 17 cm, 16 pages, with pictures

The book contains a list of the recorded inhabitants of Salisbury Hall alias Shenley Manor, Shenley Hall, Salisburies, Salesbury Park.



Asgar the Staller (Domesday Book) Egbert
1086 Geoffrey de Mandeville William I
Thomas Fitzreyner
1190 Roger de Somery Richard I
Miles de Somery d. 1229 Henry III
Richard de Somery d 1235
Stephen de Somery
Adam de Somery
1258 Walter de Meriden (Munden)
1303 Thomas de Maskham Edward I
1336 William de Isledon Edward III
1351 Andrew Aubrey, Mayor of London
John Aubrey
1380 John Montagu, Earl of Salisbury Richard II
1409 Thomas Montagu, Earl of Salisbury K.G. Henry IV
Alice, Countess of Salisbury
1420 Sir Richard Nevill, later Earl of Warwick Henry V
1442 Richard Nevill, Earl of Warwick and Salisbury 'The Kingmaker' Henry VI
1458 John Nevill, Marquess of Montagu
1472 Lady Norreys Edward IV
1483 The Ladies Scrope, Mortimer, Brandon, Fitzwilliam and Huddlestone Edward V, Richard III
1507 Sir John Cutte, Treasurer to King Henry VII and VIII Henry VII
1600 Henry Hull Elizabeth I
1601 William Ewer
1605 Henry Hull James I
1616 Richard Cole
1653 William Cole Charles II
1668 James Hoare of the Middle Temple
1669 Sir Jeremy Snow
1702 John Snell and Family William III
1780 The Sherley Family George III
1831 Hamilton Gyll, Lord Mayot of London William IV
1842 William Phillimore Victoria
1879 Thomas Woods
1889 Joseph Ball
1884 Charles Walter Martin
The Davenport Family
1905 Lady Randolph Churchill Edward VII
Sir Winston Churchill
1910 Sir Evelyn and Lady Delarue
1914 The Price Family George V
1921 The Ingle Family
1930 Sir Nigel Gresley
1939 The de Havilland Aircraft Family George VI
1955 Walter James Goldsmith Elizabeth II


Salisbury Hall in 1789


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