Lost Railways of the Chilterns

Leslie Oppitz

Countryside Books 2000

Paperback, 159 pages, many photographs, index

The Railway lines considers which are relevant to Hertfordshire are noted in italics:

  1. GWR Lines Westward and a Preserved Railway

  2. The Metropolitan Railway: Baker Street / Rickmansworth / Aylesbury and branches to ... Watford

  3. ' Lord Ebury's Line': Watford to Rickmansworth

  4. LNWR Cross Country Routes

  5. Northwards to Rugby and Steam at Quainton Road

  6. A Tramway Built for a Duke

  7. A Branch to Newport Pagnell and a Steam Tramway

  8. 'Lost' LNWR Branches, a Robbery and a Narrow Guage Railway

  9. 'Great Northern' Branches Across Two Counties: Hertford to Hatfield, Hatfield to Dunstable, Hatfield to St Albans

  10. The 'Nicky Line' to Harpenden: Hemel Hempstead to Harpenden

  11. A GER Branch to Buntingford: St Margarets to Buntingford

  12. Lost 'Midland' Lines from Bedford: Bedford to Hitchin

  13. LNWR Trains towards Cambridge

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