A History of the Parish of Standon

Christopher Perowne


Book, 21.5 * 15 cm, 108 pages, with pictures and map




  • On Entering the Parish of Standon

  • Rennesley Manor

  • Youngs Manor or Youngsbury

  • Marshalls

  • Sutes Manor House, Standon

  • Vincenti Lunardi (aeornaut) 15th September 1784Riggory's Manor

  • The Stonehouse alias Brickhouse Estate

  • Mentley of Milkley

  • Puckeridge, Pockkridge, Pokeriche, Pokkerigge

  • History of Puckeridge Congregational Church

  • Standon

  • The Rectory Manor alias Standon Friars

  • The Commandery of the Order of St John of Herusalem in Standon

  • Standon School

  • Girls' School

  • The Parish Church of Standon

  • The Church Tower

  • Standon Brasses (extensive detail)

  • Vicars of Standon (list from 1286)

  • The Parish Clerk and Sexton

  • Standon Lordship

  • A Tapestry at Standon Lordship

  • Rules of the School at Standon Lordship

  • A ramble through the centre of the Parish

  • Dowsetts - Standon

  • Plashes

  • Barwick Manor

  • Bartrams Manor or Bertrams


The Village Street, Standon




Paper Mill Lane, Standon

The book has 15 illustrations and a fold-out map - and no index. At a quick glance it contains a lot of information on the manors, which undoubtedly comes from books such as Chauncey and the Victoria County History. There is no bibliography and no reference I could see to the standard reference texts, although several interesting documents, possibly from the parish chest, are quoted and in these cases the documents are identified. Like many such un-indexed local histories, trying to answer a specific question about a person or place which is not directly addressed by the headings is difficult. 

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