Handbook to Hitchin and the Neighbourhood

containing an historical sketch of the town, a description of its places of public worship, public buildings, charitable and provident institutions, panoramic survey, also a descriptive glance at the surrounding towns, villages and places worthy of note.

Published by Paternoster & Hales, Hitchin, 1899 (Third Edition)

Book, 18 * 12.5 cm, 114 pages and adverts

The second edition , by Mr. C. Bishop, was published in 1875.


View of the Market Square, Hitchin - see Rose & Crown, Hitchin

Ancient Buildings
Clubs and Societies
Charitable Institutions
Historical Sketch
Libraries and Reading Rooms
Local Government
Panoramic Survey
Places of Public Worship
Provident Institutions, Benefit Societies
Religious Institutions
Surrounding Neighbourhood

There are descriptions of nearby towns, villages and hamlets. For example see Charlton

Also includes many trade advertisements

T. L. Raban, Saddler & Harness Maker, High Street
For another advert see Cycling

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