The Archive Photographs Series

Around Rickmansworth

Dennis Edwards



ISBN  0-7524-0660-4

Paperback Book, 23.5 * 16.5 cm, 128 pages,  many photographs


The photographs are collected under the headings: Churches and Houses; Around the town; Canal and rivers; Rails and Roads; Chorleywood; Croxley, Moor Park and Batchworth.

Sample Pictures


Basing House is one of the best-known buildings in the town. The house was constructed in 1740 on the site of the house where William Penn and his wife, Gulielma lived from 1672-76. Additions were made in the early nineteenth century and the house became a school bu 1839. A century ago it was owned by Roderick William Henderson, a local JP. It became council offices in 1930 and fart now houses the excellent Three Rivers Museum.

The Bell Inn around 1904. It was closed in 1912 and became the offices of Swannel and Sly, auctioneers and estate agents. The buildings were demolished in 1966-67 for the construction of Northway and new shops.


A London General County Bus crosses Cassio Bridge on the border of Croxley and Watford c. 1920. The bridge was partly rebuilt by the Hertfordshire County Council in 1922.

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