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The Chronicles of Hoddesdon

From the Earliest Times to the Present Day

By H. F. Hayllar

Thomas Knight & Co, Hoddesdon, 1948

Hardback, 22.5*14.5 cm, xii + 184 pages, including illustrations and end-paper map.


  1. The District in General

  2. The Manors and their Owners

  3. Churches and Old Buildings

  4. Old and New Institutions

  5. Local Celebrities and Personalities

  6. A Tour of the District

  7. Rye House and its History

  8. Local Government

  9. Miscellanea

  10. The Last One Hundred and Fifty Years

For an extract from the book see Rathmore House, Hoddesdon.

There is a web page for Hoddesdon

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