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A History of Hoddesdon

in the County of Hertfordshire

Being a Survey of that Hamlet from the earliest times. with an account of its ancient manors and its inhabitants

J. A. Tregelles

Stephen Austin & Sons, Hertford, 1908

Hardback, 454 pages, 20 Plates, some line drawings in the text, 3 fold out maps.

Sections on the geology of the district, the woodlands, early inhabitants, the records, the common meads, roads and ways, family history, family names, the Chapel, Church Calendar, Congregational Chapel, The Free Grammar School, Market and Fair, Mills, local industries and handicrafts, charities and benefactions, Chronicle.

Includes a street map of Hoddesdon in 1850

For an extract, and photograph, from the book see Rathmore House, Hoddesdon.

There is a web page for Hoddesdon

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