an English Village

Published by J C Wilkerson, 

[British Library gives 1969]

A4 Hardback - plain black cover, 94 pages

This book is a bit of a puzzle. It is a miscellaneous collection of photographs (and a few drawings) of Barley in the early 20th century in a somewhat random order. All have a short title, and a few have some extended text. The printing quality is not good and the copy I have is bound in plain black covers with no title. There is no index. It is privately published and probably had a small print run. The Cambridge University Library suggests a date of circa 1980. The most recent photograph was taken in 1956.

The Town House, circa 1890
for description see Barley

The contents list can only be considered as a rough guide:

Dr Salaman; The Shops; School; Children; Town House; Social Occasions; Pageant in the Park; Farming; Special Constables; Sketches of Barley, c 1890; Early views; Newsletter; Fashions; Transport; Public Houses; The Church; Men and Women of Barley; Iron Age Farm - Report by Cambridge Antiquarian Society.



This is the house where Dr Redcliffe Nathan Salaman lived.

A portrait of Dr Salaman from this book is illustrated on SALAMAN, Barley, Early 20th Century.

The book contains a fair number of groups, often with the people names, as in the following photograph.

Barley Special Constables, 1914-1918

Walter Mansfield Andrew Dellow Albert Chuck Sam Jackson Frank Drayton Albert Day Albert Sinclair Tom Savell
Frank Chuck Clear Wilkinson P.C. George Hart W Cook Charles Potter

When the First World War started it was decided to form teams of Special Constables to help the police to keep law and order. Later they also got into other activities, such as monitoring Zeppelin flights overhead.

Note the armbands in the picture.

The following are listed in the 1912 Kelly's Directory for Hertfordshire:

  • Albert Chuck, builder
  • William Wood Cook, Dalny-Veed
  • Frank Drayton, senior assistant overseer
  • Charles Potter, plumber
  • Thomas Savell, farmer
  • James Clear Wilkerson, The Hall
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