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The Blue Plaques of Barnet

Philippa Bernard

Hendon & District Archaeological Society, 1973 (revised 1977)

A5 Booklet - Occasional Paper No 2.

History behind the following Plaques: Anna Pavlova; Sir Stamford Raffles; Peter Collinson; C.B. Fry; G.L. Jessop; John Norden; The Abbot's Bower; William Wilberforce; Site of Parish Cage; Site of Cattle Pound; Site of Roman Station (Sukkoniacae); Site of Copt Hall; Rosebank; The Greyhound; Site of Court Leet and Court Baron; Site of Toll Gate; Site of Edgware Tumpike; Sir James Murray; Wyldes Farmhouse; Harry Vardon; Harry Relph.

The following Illustrations: Sir Stamford Raffles; Peter Collinson; Part of John Norden's Map; Copt Hall; Ann Pavlova; Hendon House; Wyldes Farm; William Wilberforve; RRosebank; John Norden.

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