Who Was Jack O' Legs

An investigation into the Legends and Customs of Baldock and the surrounding area

Victoria Madden

Egon Publishers, 1992



Chapter 1.  The Story of Jack 0' Legs: Jack as a good neighbour - bread shortages - bakers' anger - capture of Jack 0' Legs - the grave.

Chapter 2.  Britain, Land of Giants:  Brutus arrives in Albion - land of giants - Goemagot's fight with Corineus - Guildhall giants - the Jack 0' Legs legend - Gilbert de Clare - Jack's grave at Weston - the Wallington Giant - local gods.

Chapter 3.  The Old Gods:   Wandlebury and the Gogmagog Hills - the Sawston Giant - Wandlebury hill figures - Long Man of Wilmington - fire festivals - moon goddess - sun god - legends and hill figures - White Horse of Uffington - Lady Godiva - the Cerne Giant - Hercules - festivals of light - Jack's place in legends - Robin Hood myth - John Barleycorn - Gawain and the Green Knight.

Chapter 4.  The Old Gods in Hertfordshire.   Local medieval graffiti - giant gods - Hiccafrith - Piers Shonks - St George - Icknield Way - Royston Cave - Knights Templar - Nuthampstead Zodiac - ley lines - May Day customs - Doughnut Day - local celebrations.

Chapter 5.  What's in a Name?   Romano-British burials - derivation of 'Baldock': a few theories - pulling the threads together - the old gods and Jack O' legs
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