Books on Hertfordshire

That Tring Air

A Gossiping and Irresponsible History of Tring, Hertfordshire

Arthur MacDonald

First published 1940, reprinted 1992

  1. The "Air" of Tring

  2. The Name

  3. The Almost Blank Records of the Romans, Danes, Saxons and Normans

  4. The Entirely Blank Records of the Reformation

  5. The Canal, Reservoirs and Railway

  6. The Inclosure

  7. The Agricuture

  8. The Church

  9. The Women

  10. Witchcraft

  11. Sport

  12. The Poet

  13. Tring "Characters

  14. Tring in the Neneteenth Century - The Houses, Industries and "Pubs"

  15. Tring in the Twentieth Century

  16. The Tring Nursing Association


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