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Forgotten Families

of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire

by Evelyn Wright

The Book Castle, 2003

Paperback, 180 pages

ISBN   0 903 747 39 2

From Cover

This book tells the story of families once famous but whose fame is now mainly forgotten. They all lived in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire in the 16th and 17th centuries, and include the Bechers of Renhold (of Becher's Brook fame), the Mordaunts of Turvey Abbey, Lady Cathcart of Tewin, the Bull family of Hertford, the Nodes family of Stevenage, the Docwras of Lilley and the Wicked Lady of Markyate Cell. All the families were related to each other, forming an intricate network over two counties: Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. The author is one of their 20th century descendants. The book includes pedigrees showing the relationship between various families, and illustrations of many of the manor houses and mansions in which they lived.


The Bechers of Renhold; The Bull Family of Hertford; The Capells of Little Hadham; The Chapmans and the Nodes of Shephallbury; The Coningsby, Elwes, Fyshe & Barre Families; The Docwras of Hitchin, Putteridge & Lilley; The Faircloughs and Early Harmers of Weston; The Harmers of Dane End, Weston; The Hydes of Throcking ; The Knightons, the Herveys & The Wicked Lady;  The Kymptons of Howells & Clothallbury; Lady Cathcart of Tewin; The Mordaunts of Turvey and the Petres of Essex; The Nedhams, and the Warrens of Bygrave; The Piggots of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

The book contains a number of other pedigrees.

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