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Archive Photograph series


by Judith Knight

Published by Chalford, 1995

Paperback, 128 pages

ISBN   0 7524 0355 9

A typical "Archive Photographs Series" book, with typically 2 pictures per page, each with a very short supporting text.

This fascinating collection of old photographs of Watford and district has been compiled from the extensive local, history archives at Watford Library. Many of these photographs have never before appeared in print.

The sequence of views will bring back strong memories for some and show newcomers arid a younger generation how things used to be in Watford. Do you remember the Cassiobury.Park gates, did you shop at Cawdells or Fisher's the butchers? They are all here. Do you recall the war-time shortages or the High Street before the underpass was built? These are , represented too.

This is not a history book but. a series of delightful, nostalgic images recalling times gone by and in many cases events and scenes within living memory. This book will appeal to all Watfordians, young and old.

Pictures are organised under the following headings:

  1. The High Street

  2. Around Watford

  3. People at Work

  4. Education and Welfare

  5. War and Peace

  6. Sport and Leisure

  7. People and Places

Archive Photograph series


The Second Selection

by Judith Knight

Published by Tempus Publishing, 1999

Paperback, 128 pages

ISBN   0 7524 1136 5

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