The History of Watford Football Club

By Oliver Philips

Published in the Watford Official Yearbook 1981

This slim yearbook contains a very useful history of the early years of football at Watford from 1870 to 1920, with pictures, under the headings:

from Rangers to two professional clubs in town
First cup success

Watford St Mary's line-up in 1895
Amalgamation plotted
Enter the first manager and first benefactor
"Prince of good fellows"
Limited Company, limited progress, limited goodwill
No entente Cordial
First managerial casualty
The Magic Man plots course for survival and Progress
Skill and fitness first
Best of a decade
Gathering local talent towards ultimate triumph
A hollow success
Eyes to Vicarage Road
Benskins come to the rescue in darkest hour
Derby gate jumps
Who played where and when
(Team members from 1899 to 1920)
The Records
(Watford's Southern League Record 1896-1920)
FA Cup Record
Locating Books
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