A4 paperback, 64 pages

This book contains 151 pictures, typically 2 or 3 to a page, with short descriptions. Nearly all the photographs are contained in the Local Collection at Cheshunt Library.

The quality of the printed images is not high.

Waltham Cross Past

A selection of old photographs and engravings with notes


Jack Edwards

Privately published 1980

Sample Page


134. Congregational Church, 1948. Built in 1857 to replace a single storey Chapel which dated from 1706 at which the Rev'd Isaac Watts gave oversight from 1712-1736. The Church closed in the 1960's and for a time was the Pope John Hall, a social centre for the Roman Catholics. It was finally demolished to make way for extensions to the Cheshunt Building Society


135. Springfield, 1948. Perhaps late 17th century, this house was reprieved from demolition and is now owned by Thames Water, Lea Division. The cottages adjoining, now converted to shops, are 19th century.


136. Floods in Crossbrook Street, 1920. Shops on the left include Spencer's post cad shop and the former Sub-Post Office. In the centre R. K. Trotter's piano showrooms.


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