... the strange story of Bridget Hyde - the girl in the Vyner pirtrait.

". . . not only a very Clandestine Marriage of Minors, but the most enormously and wickedly clandestine Marriage of such that could happen. A marriage of them without Treaty, without Baynnes, without License, upon a Sudden, by Surprizall, in a country village and a private cottage, the door shutt, and the Rites of it, such as they were, performed by a corrupt forreign clerk, hyred on purpose with a great swum of money."

Points to be considered in Judging the Case


The Pretended Marriage

Hide v Emerton


Jean Davis


Principal Characters

SIR THOMAS HIDE, Bart., Lord of the Manors of Aldbury, Betlow and North Mimms; married to

LADY MARY HIDE, nee Whitchurch; afterwards wife of SIR ROBERT VYNER, goldsmith and banker, of London

BRIDGET HIDE, daughter of Sir Thomas and Lady Hide; and her half-brother

CHARLES VYNER, son of Sir Robert and Lady Vyner.


SARAH EMERTON, nee Whitchurch, sister of Lady Mary Hide; married to

WILLIAM EMERTON, bailiff to Sir Thomas Hide in Aldbury JOHN EMERTON, son of William and Sarah Emerton

SARAH EMERTON jun., daughter of William and Sarah Emerton SUSAN EMERTON, nee Whitchurch, sister of Lady Mary Hide; married to

RICHARD EMERTON, brother of William Emerton, bailiff to Sir Thomas Hide in North Mimms

JOHN BRANDLY, an Anabaptist Minister

JOHN EDLYN, Lord of the Manor of Norcott Hill, Northchurch.


SIR THOMAS OSBORNE, later EARL OF DANBY, Marquis of Carmarthen and finally first Duke of Leeds; and his son

PEREGRINE OSBORNE, Viscount Dunblane, who inherited the titles of his father


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