Jones' views

of the seats, mansions, castles, &c.:

of noblemen and gentlemen in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, and other picturesque scenery, accompanied with historical descriptions of the mansions, lists of pictures, statues, &c., and genealogical sketches of the families and their possessors / forming part of the general series of Jones' Great Britain illustrated.


Published in six volumes between 1829-1831

Volumes I, II and III contain pictures of England.

[I have not seen the book myself but prints from the book are comparatively well known.]



Artist: John Preston Neale, Engraver W. Watkins, Published November 13, 1830

possibly modern colouring

Hunsdon House   Knebworth House

Colney House

This picture (and the title page) come from one of the English volumes illustrated on the Antique Prints web site (which includes larger images).

The separate text which accompanies the engravings gives the name of the then owner, his genealogy, a description of the Estate, the contents of the house, including in many cases, an inventory of the principal works of art.


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