A biographical List of Officers of the

Hertfordshire Yeomanry



by J. D. Sainsbury

Published by Hart Books, Welwyn, 2004

ISBN   0 948527 07 2


From the Preface

            This Biographical List is the fourth, and last, of the detailed works which supplement The Hertfordshire Yeomanry - An Illustrated History 1794-1920, published in 1994 by Hart Books. The others, all published by the Hertfordshire Yeomanry and Artillery Historical Trust, and all now out of print, comprise the Roll of Honour (1972; Supplements 1977 and 1982), Honours and Awards (1976; Supplement 1984) and the survey Uniforms, Arms and Equipment (1980). All the material on which the complete history and its supplements are based, collected over more than thirty years by the Hertfordshire Yeomanry and Artillery Historical Trust, has now been deposited with Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies at County Hall, Hertford.

Apart from dates of birth and death and principal residence, the information given in the Biographical List is exclusively military; it aims to record fully the service of every officer of the regiment in both the Regular and Auxiliary Forces. Among the many distinguished noblemen and gentlemen listed are Prime Ministers and Members of Parliament, members of the Royal Household, diplomats and people distinguished in politics, public life and the City of London but readers will need to turn to other sources to complete their identification. Burke's Peerage and Landed Gentry, Who was Who?, the Hertfordshire Almanac and the many directories of Hertfordshire will all add to this list.

A Sample Extract The Halsey Family of Gaddesden Place

This sample is somewhat unusual in that it records four generations of officers in one family - which means it also demonstrates how individual entries can differ.


HALSEY, Joseph Thompson     of Gaddesden Place

Died 16th February 1818

Served as Lieutenant, Ashridge Troop 1804-1809. [Served Western Battalion, Hertfordshire Local Militia]

His son Thomas Plumer, grandson Thomas Frederick and great-grandson Reginald also served.

HALSEY, Reginald

Born 10th August 1873; died 30th May 1927

Appointed 2nd Lieutenant, A Squadron, Hertfordshire Imperial Yeomanry 31st August 1901; transferred to C Squadron 1902; Lieutenant 10th December 1904; transferred to Hertfordshire Yeomanry, T.F. 31st March 1908.

Transferred from Lieutenant, Hertfordshire Imperial Yeomanry 1st April 1908 to Lieutenant, C Squadron, Hertfordshire Yeomanry; Captain 15th May 1909; Major to command C Squadron 25th August 1913; transferred to Territorial Force Reserve (Regimental List) 10th October 1918; transferred to 3rd East Anglian Brigade, R.F.A. 6th July 1920 (T.D.).

Served Hertfordshire Yeomanry Depot August-September 1914; 1 stll st Hertfordshire Yeomanry September 1914-November 1915 (B Squadron - Egypt; Dardanelles); March-August 1916 (D Squadron - Mesopotamia) and April-August 1918 (B Squadron - Egypt/Palestine); in a Staff Appointment November 1915-March 1916 (A./A.P.M. and Camp Commandant, Cairo); and attached 1st/2nd County of London Yeomanry August 1917-Apri/1918 (Egypt/Palestine) (1914-15 Star; B.W.M.N.M.).

Transferred from Major, Territorial Force Reserve (Regimental List) 6th July 1920 to Major, 3rd East Anglian Brigade, R.F.A. (later 86th Brigade, R.F.A.) and to command 343 Battery; Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel 11 th August 1921; retired retaining rank 28th January 1925.

Served 86th Brigade, R.F.A. (Defence Force) (T./Major 9th April-14th July 1921).

His great-grandfather Joseph, grandfather Thomas Plumer and father Thomas Frederick also served.

HALSEY, Thomas Frederick                of Gaddesden

Born 9th December 1839; died 12th February 1927

Appointed Captain to command North Hertfordshire Yeomanry Cavalry 25th February 1862; resigned 1867.

[Served 7th Hertfordshire Rifle Volunteers 1863-1865 (Lieutenant 25th February 1863).]

Appointed Captain to command D Troop, South Hertfordshire Yeomanry Cavalry 24th January 1865 after service as Quartermaster, D Troop since 1861; Major, Second-in-Command, Hertfordshire Yeomanry Cavalry 12th June 1872; granted honorary rank of Lieutenant-Colonel 10th April 1886; resigned retaining honorary rank 10th August 1889.

His grandfather Joseph, father Thomas Plumer and son Reginald also served.

HALSEY, Thomas Plumer            of Gaddesden

Born 26th January 1815; died 24th April 1854

Appointed Cornet, D Troop, South Hertfordshire Yeomanry Cavalry 21st January 1839 after service as Quartermaster, D Troop since September 1835; Captain to command D Troop 6th November 1841; Major, Second-in-Command, South Hertfordshire Yeomanry Cavalry 20th April 1853; died while serving

His father Joseph, son Thomas Frederick and grandson Reginald also served.

A very useful reference source of information if your ancestor was an officer in the Hertfordshire Yeomanry and you want to know more about what he did.

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