Ware's Past in Pictures

Maurice Edwards & David Perman

Rockingham Press / 1991

Hardback - ISBN 1 873468 04 o


Another excellent illustrated history from the Rockingham Press - highly recommended.


Chapel Yard on the western end of Amwell End, which contained 28 houses



Around the Town

On the River

The Gazebos

Road and Rail

Ware at Work

A Malting Town

Fire and Flood


Inns and Pubs

Rich and Poor


Ware at Prayer


Great Events

Ware People


This unique collection of pictures, many of them published for the first time, recalls the history of one of Hertfordshire's oldest towns. There were people living here before the Romans built a town, where Ermine Street crossed the River Lea. Ware later developed into an important coaching centre and the main supplier of malt to the brewers of London. Though many of the maltings and other old buildings have been demolished, it remains a town full of architectural and historical interest. Ware's Past in Pictures is based on the collection of old pictures maintained by the local conservation body, the Ware Society. The extensive text, written by two prominent members of the Society, adds considerably to the history of this ancient town. (From the dust jacket)


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