Broxbourne and Wormley's Past in Pictures

David Dent

Rockingham Press, 1995

ISBN 1 873468 38 5


Book: Broxbourne and Wormley's Past in Pictures, by David Dent

From the Dust Cover

The neighbouring Hertfordshire parishes of Broxbourne and Wormley owed their importance to their position on the Old North Road from London to Scotland. Each was a rural settlement, clustered around its church and manor house. Although they have now been engulfed by the outer suburbs of London, they remain distinct communities, proud of their heritage. This fascinating book tells the story of the many changes that have taken place in the two parishes over the past century. It includes more than 240 old photographs and prints of street scenes, houses, churches, trades, pubs, schools and people - with an interesting account of the "suburbanisation" of Broxboume, which began in 1840 with the coming of the railway. The author, David Dent, is a well­ known lecturer and writer whose earlier book, Hoddesdon's Past in Pictures, broke new ground in the publication of local history.






Broxboume: Around the Village


St. Augustine's Church

Broxboumebury and Other Houses

Wormley: North to South

St. Laurence's Church

Wormleybury and Other Houses

On the River


Inns and Pubs

Shops, Trades and Industries

Going to School

Sports and Pastimes

Events and People



The Almeshouse, Broxbourne, Herts

The Almshouses - a typical photo and description


A good collection of pictures, including many from the early 20th century and later ones for comparison. The index contains many personal names, and the overall presentation is excellent.

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Map of Broxbourne

Map of Broxbourne

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