Croxley Green

as it used to be

Peter Frost

Privately Published 1986

A4 sized paperback 40 pages including cover.

No ISBN and no copyright copy in British Library.


Sample photograph

Boats held up at the timber wharf. A postcard, the date on the postmark is 1907. The Metropolitan Railway viaduct has not yet crossed the valley. The viaduct was built prior to 1921. Today the view is still busy, at least in the summer when the pleasure boats are out



The Village

Trussauds at Croxley

From the Air

Cherry Ripe

The Green

Royal Occasions

Going ... going ... gone

The Windmill

The Canal

Getting about


Homes fit for heroes

The happiest days of your life

Plague Cottage


All Saint's Church

New Road

Baldwins Lane

Time for a pint

There once was a road through the wood ...

A very good selection of photographs, but the quality of reproduction leaves something to be desired, and the text descriptions are often minimal.

Locating Books
At the time this page was last updated I was unable to find second hand copies online.

There are copies available for loan from the Hertfordshire Library Services

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